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They're warning that "It will overtake the US within the next decade."

It’s not enough to drastically slash emissions. To stave off the worst of climate change, humanity needs to capture the carbon that's already in the air.

A new method forces a machine learning model to focus on more data when learning a task, which leads to more reliable predictions.

IoT adopters can learn from the best practices and examples of existing users to prevent costly mistakes.

Used electric vehicle batteries could be the Achilles' heel of the transportation revolution—or the gold mine that makes it real.

Digitized and automated manufacturing is making strides in the world of medical manufacturing, evidenced by recent systems put into production lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drones with data intelligence capture real-time, intelligent image data of wiring, transformers and other remote field infrastructure. A birds-eye view and AI-analysis makes it much easier for utilities to find and fix potential problems that can spark destructive wildfires.

Dark manufacturing, also referred to as lights-out manufacturing, is a manufacturing philosophy without human intervention in the complete manufacturing process.

Traditionally, when we think about the cost of a product, we’re thinking mainly in financial terms: what’s the monetary cost of this item? But this isn’t the only form of cost. Increasingly, a new measure that’s taking on more importance for buyers – and regulators – is the carbon footprint cost.

When it comes to category management, an important part of understanding which store brands are popular with consumers at any given time is the ability to gather and analyze data — not always an easy feat given all the barriers to effective data aggregation and analysis.

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