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Why grow plants horizontally when you can grow them vertically?

AI and wearable cameras could help exoskeletons act a bit like autonomous vehicles.

Volocopter wants to revolutionize traffic in cities with air cabs. At the digital Hamburg IT Strategy Days, CDO Alexander Oelling explains what is needed on the IT side to achieve this.

Multi-resistant pathogens are a serious and growing problem in modern medicine. Where antibiotics remain ineffective, these bacteria can cause life-threatening infections. Researchers at Empa and ETH Zurich have now developed novel nanoparticles that can be used to detect and kill multidrug-resistant pathogens hiding in body cells, as they write in a recent study in the journal Nanoscale.

The synergetic effort of a KAUST-led team has enhanced the speed of Artificial Intelligence through a new technology they call “in-network aggregation”.

Medtronic's GI Genius, recently cleared by the FDA, will help doctors identify precancerous polyps.

 Digital transformation is a hard and long endeavor, especially for companies with legacy technology stacks, processes or cultures. However, it is no longer a discretionary initiative. Digitization is a secular trend, and the expectations from customers and associates to engage digitally are becoming table stakes.

DataOps can help heathcare organizations use modern data analytics practices and drive sound business practices that effectively reduce costs and increase revenues.

Researchers have determined that machine learning could be key to slowing down the spread of infection during future pandemics.

The ability for companies to develop their own software solutions will increasingly be crucial to their success. Read here what it takes to achieve this.

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