Walter Huber

  • Former CEO
  • M-Industrie
  • Migros-Gruppe
When it comes to topics related to innovation and digitalization (AI, IoT, automation, etc), Carsten Vollrath and his team are…

Alex Waser

  • CEO Bystronic
  • Member of Conzzeta Executive Committee
In addition to intensive analyses on the market and customer side with IPG, the impulses from many external experts and…

Joachim Dürr

  • CEO
  • JOST Werke SE
We appreciate IPG's guidance in the transformation towards DIGITAL FITNESS.In a broad-based initiative, we were able to uncover significant efficiency…

Joanne Gouaux

  • Acting Board Chair
  • My New Red Shoes
  • (MNRS)
I greatly appreciate IPG’s guidance on the MNRS strategizing process in exploring a reimagination of our brand and our charity's…

Antonios Vonofakos

  • Vice President & GM
  • Becton Dickinson Rowa Technologies
The IPG Open Innovation approach has brought us new ideas and concrete solutions much faster, significantly increased our development productivity…

Dr. Jörg Dalhöfer

  • CEO
  • Bea Group
IPG's deep experience in Strategy & Business Model Innovation was very valuable. Another key success factor was the close integration…

Jussi Takaneva

  • Head of Industrial,
  • Multimedia and Distribution
  • JAE Europe
Thanks to IPG's open innovation approach, we have received interesting solution ideas for our open questions. This gave us fresh…

Axel Butterweck

  • Former CPO
  • Swiss Post
IPG has helped us a lot in sharpening a common understanding of the topic of strategic procurement management across all…

Heinz Jacqui

  • Former
  • Senior Vice President
  • Gunnebo Group
IPG has helped a lot to focus on creating something really new instead of letting the same thing become more…

Dr. Martin Schefter

  • CEO
  • BARTEC Safe.t
  • Technology
On the way to our new strategy, we asked ourselves the following questions: What are the trends in our markets?…

Dirk Hanenberg

  • COO
  • JOST Werke SE
DIGITAL FITNESS along our entire JOST value creation process is a key success factor for us.Together with IPG, we were…

Kai Könecke

  • Chief Supply Chain
  • Officer
  • Emmi
In just a few weeks we identified the existing improvement potential with the help of the IPG benchmarking approach, derived…

Dietmar Gessner

  • Head of Competence Center
  • Commodity Management
  • Swiss federal railways (SBB) AG
The strategic expansion of our commodity group management is a top priority for SBB. With the support of Carsten Vollrath…

Markus Schenker

  • Head of Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Uster Technologies AG
We are driving forward the strategic expansion of our purchasing and supply chain function with high priority. With IPG’s guidance,…

Dirk Reich

  • Co-Founder / Board Member
  • Log-hub
  • Imperial Logistics
IPG is one of the first addresses for supply chain transformation. For us, IPG is an ideal strategic partner not…

Dr. Stefan Klose

  • Director R&D
  • Acute Care Therapies
  • Maquet
  • Cardiopulmonary
We like to work with IPG because they not only have the skills of strategy consulting and facilitation, but also…

Philip Hauri

  • Platform Manager
  • 2025
As recognized Thought Leader and Co-Creator for innovation with an impressive track record in the digital transformation of leading companies,…

Dr. Torben Schüttfort

  • Director Global Marketing Management
  • Becton Dickinson Rowa Technologies
IPG is a reliable partner in strategy development and implementation. They take the time to involve all stakeholders in the…

Jan-Patrick Willmes

  • Head of Procurement Competence Center
  • Swiss federal railways (SBB) AG
With his relevant experience in various industries, Carsten Vollrath and IPG are an important source of inspiration and sparring partner…

Rene Brugger

  • President
  • Swiss Technology Network
As recognized Thought Leader and Co-Creator for innovation with a long track record in the digital transformation of leading companies,…

Harry Baumann

  • Manager Supply Chain and Operations
  • Uster Technologies AG
On the way to our new order fulfillment organization, we harmonized the roles, tasks and competencies between the functions involved…

Axel Kühn

  • Managing Director
  • Fellows & Sparks
IPG has made a strong contribution to our brand relaunch. Thanks to the collection and evaluation of hand-picked customer voices…

Vojin Vukadinović

  • Executive Director
  • IT & Marketing
  • Metalac Group
IPG’s deep experience motivated us to investigate our current business model. Carsten Vollrath’s and his team members full commitment moved…

Markus Medart

  • Former President
  • Supply Chain
  • Getinge Group
The acknowledged expertise of IPG has helped us a lot in setting up an integrated global Supply Chain & Procurement…

Adrian Jungo

  • President / Head of Business Development / Member of the Management Board
  • / cablex
As an international think tank and top management consultancy with a relevant track record in the digital transformation of many…

Nader Halmuschi

  • Vice President / Managing Director
  • BARTEC Safe.t
  • Technology
IPG's deep experience in business model development and especially with regard to open innovation was very valuable. Through networked thinking,…

Christoph Hellenbrand

  • Director R&D
  • Becton Dickinson Rowa Technologies
We have had very good experiences with IPG and their Open Innovation approach. In a remarkably short time they have…

Vidosava Dzagić

  • Assistant Director
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, I`m using the opportunity to express satisfaction for the joint fruitful collaboration in…

Wilhelm Keienburg

  • Managing Director
  • BME Academy
Digital procurement is a central field of training for us, in which the BME already plays a leading role. We…

Prof. Dr. Vidosav Majstorović

  • Professor
  • Mechanical Engineering Faculty University of Belgrade
In the comprehensive exchange of knowledge and the global networking of know-how from different areas and perspectives, we see IPG…

Marion Milanović

  • Business Development & Shared Services
  • MIND - Milanović Industries Group
As an internationally recognized think tank and consultancy for technology and innovation management, we see IPG as a valuable strategic…

Andreas Kyburz

  • Managing Director
IPG is one of the leading think tanks and management consultancies for the holistic transformation of purchasing. Above all, with…
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