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DIGITAL FITNESS along our entire JOST value creation process is a key success factor for us.
Together with IPG, we were able to uncover important efficiency potential in purchasing, supply chain and production and define valuable focal points for future digital solutions in company-wide JOST process management.

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JOST is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of safety-related systems for the commercial vehicle industry. Under the JOST umbrella brand, the extensive product portfolio is divided into systems for transportation, agriculture and the construction industry:
Fifth wheel couplings, landing gears, ball bearing rings, kingpins, container locking systems, components for swap systems ,trailer and truck axles, trailer couplings, drawbar eyes and drawbars for vans and trucks, steering systems and axle suspensions for trailers.
JOST currently employs over 4,500 people worldwide and has sales and production facilities in over 25 countries on six continents. The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


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