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Traditionally, when we think about the cost of a product, we’re thinking mainly in financial terms: what’s the monetary cost of this item? But this isn’t the only form of cost. Increasingly, a new measure that’s taking on more importance for buyers – and regulators – is the carbon footprint cost.

When it comes to category management, an important part of understanding which store brands are popular with consumers at any given time is the ability to gather and analyze data — not always an easy feat given all the barriers to effective data aggregation and analysis.

With an increased focus on sustainability goals, SCM has a key role to play in Renewable Energy Procurement.

Technology in all sectors of the economy is progressing at a rapid pace. To keep up, warehouses need to be equipped with the technologies that allow them to keep up with manufacture, production, and consumer demand.

Leading consultants weigh in on the future global technology trends that will define the advancement of supply chains in 2022.

Like all other elements in the enterprise, the warehouse management stack is becoming increasingly automated and more intelligent by the day.

A team of scientists have developed a novel artificial neuron based on the framework of human neurons, potentially advancing machine learning capabilities.

Learning to manage increasingly complex systems and avoid disruptions is only possible with clear visibility on every piece of the business. 

John Deere is not only a manufacturer of large agricultural machinery, but also one of the pioneers in the field of smart farming. We explain how drones, data and sensors are shaping the agricultural sector of tomorrow.

A digital lab is no guarantee for new sales. Entrepreneurs and CIOs report why the path from idea to marketable product is so long.


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