Scope: Value Chain & Supply Chain

Client: Leading Swiss milk processor

Our Client is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. In Switzerland, the company focuses on the development, production, and marketing of a full range of dairy and fresh products as well as the production, aging, and trade of primarily Swiss cheeses. Outside Switzerland, the company concentrates on brand concepts and specialties in established European and North American markets, and increasingly in emerging markets outside of Europe. The primary focus of fresh products is on lifestyle, convenience and health products.

Ambition: Develop and implement global  supply chain and procurement strategy and corresponding organization



Establishment of an international and cross-functional networked supply chain and procurement organization, development of product group strategies, development of strategic purchasing skills (skill management), sustainable cost reductions and quality improvements, introduction of strategic supplier management and supply risk management.


Key results:

  • Current status in global Supply Chain validated
  • Joint global Supply Chain management team establishing
  • Major vision and global Supply Chain Strategy aligned
  • Insights in internal and external best practices
  • Major fields of action for supply chain optimization described and prioritized
  • Existing good practice from different locations (inside-out) and INP (outside-in) shared
  • Strategic importance and effectiveness of supply chain and procurement established
  • Acceptance, consolidation and internationalization of the supplier portfolio significant increased
  • Introduction of international process standards, methods and tools, measurable reduction in purchasing costs
  • Change in behavior through strong cross-functional collaboration

latest-insight Leading Swiss milk processor

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