Scope: Value Chain & Supply Chain

Client: Leading supplier of medical technology for endoscopy

Our client provides medical business solutions for the best possible outcomes for patients and society. The company successfully operates for 100 years. The company wants to improve the quality of patient care every day by developing and designing world-leading, clinically advanced precision technologies and services. Client's products enable medical professionals in a wide range of disciplines to “look into the body” using endoscopic procedures. This makes the insights more and more detailed.

Ambition: Design future global operational footprint for sustainable growth



Establishment of a networked, globalized organization consisting of purchasing and supply chain plus production, quality and R&D ("5-E organization")


Key results:

  • Global Footprint and Target Operating Model for Procurement, Supply chain and Production redefined
  • Global Leadership Team established
  • The new organizational concept for Technical Procurement / Project Purchasing introduced / Close interface between Procurement, Supply Chain and R&D established
  • Introduction of a training academy and monitoring of cross-functional training measures
  • Significant synergies between the USA, Europe and Asian realized: Approx. 100 mil. USD optimization potential over 5 years
  • Aligned Strategy
  • Customer-centric
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Centers of competence
  • Standardization and Modularization of Technology & Products
  • Globally consistent & highly automated processes & management systems
  • Globally aligned and lean organizational structures
  • Cross-functional & regional collaboration
  • Targeted Development of Employees
  • Integration of external Partners

latest-insight Leading supplier of medical technology for endoscopy

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