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People have trouble distinguishing between real people’s faces and AI StyleGAN2 synthesized faces. People also consider AI-generated faces to be more trustworthy.

People cannot distinguish between a face generated by Artificial Intelligence – using StyleGAN2- and a real face say researchers, who are calling for safeguards to prevent “deep fakes”.

AI-synthesized text, audio, image, and video have already been used for so-called “revenge porn”, fraud and propaganda.

Since the onset of the global pandemic, supply chains have faced great disruption, and there’s been no abatement in terms of the trade wars between Europe, North America, and China.

Since the first mention of IoT and Industry 4.0, advances in technologies such as machine vision, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), and wireless sensors are continuing to forge a progressive path from automation toward autonomy.

Edward Wilford has gathered opinions from IoT Analytics’ advisors on the most important IoT technology trends to watch in 2022.

Smart manufacturing will come to the fore in 2022 as a holistic strategy that considers the entire process throughout a product’s entire lifecycle. It now takes advantage of greater connectivity and live data capture to improve the process.

Supply chains and the climate are more intricately linked than many may realize. Just eight global supply chains are responsible for more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. As temperatures rise and extreme weather becomes more common, the environment also impacts the supply chain.

The Industrial IoT, connected smart assets, and especially the Digital Twin are having the most immediate and significant impact on how companies implement technologies that enable smart manufacturing.

A team from the Essex Innovation Centre, a strategic partnership between the University of Essex and TWI, is currently working with fellow consortium members Generic Robotics Limited and Castalia Innovation Limited on the NeuRestore project which seeks to aid patients that have suffered a stroke, or other ailments that resulted in the loss of mobility, by improving their hand and arm movement recovery without the constant need for specialist physiotherapists.

Digital transformation is about changing where value is created, and how your business model is structured. More and more, value creation comes from outside the firm not inside, and from external partners rather than internal employees.

Recent disruptions to transport and their effect on supply chains have brought renewed attention to rail freight in Europe. Five critical digital technologies promise to make freight trains as easy to run across Europe as trucks.

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