What does the concept of twin transition involve, and why is it important for organizations to consider its possibilities and benefits for them?

Pumping Out Robots

The world's first factory mass-produced humanoid robots will soon be opening in the Pacific Northwest. God help us all.

A new study conducted by swissICT in collaboration with the Bern University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland examines the digital maturity of the Swiss economy and administration. The authors of the study conclude that two thirds of companies need to take action in the area of digitalization

Artificial intelligence is well on its way to becoming synonymous with modern IT. Looking ahead to 2024, AI is therefore not just a trend, but THE trend that CIOs will have to deal with. This is because today's and even more so tomorrow's AI technologies will make the management of companies and IT much more complex - especially as the impact on people, society and the environment will be much more drastic than with previous technological innovations.

Automotive production improves the carbon footprint of tools and machines with customized components - at the same time, ready-to-install components, so-called "engineered products", achieve an enormous increase in performance in terms of material properties.

Companies need to ensure reliable processes, but also the disruption of existing structures. A contradiction, but organizational ambidexterity helps managers to manage it.

The robotics company Figure shows an AI robot that makes coffee because it has learned to do so simply by observing humans

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A new study from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has some welcome news for workers and professionals

Join us on the next EXPERT Talk on Digitalization and Sustainability in procurement on February 27th, 2024

For the second time in a row, Switzerland has secured fifth place out of 64 countries surveyed in terms of digital competitiveness. There is potential to catch up in terms of the Swiss population's attitude towards technology.

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