06 July 2020

Do you know how to establish a robust sense and respond organization that is ready to react, with agility and speed, to unforeseen value chain disruptions?

IPG, Haute école de gestion Arc (HEG Arc) and VNL Switzerland have developed the «Supply Chain Management in times of COVID-19» survey to help you determine your readiness and assess where your organization falls short on precautionary measures.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a particularly dramatic illustration of the difficulties facing supply-chain managers. As an operational leader, it is your job to establish a robust sense and respond organization that is ready to react, with agility and speed, to unforeseen value chain disruptions.

Be SC risk-ready

Are you aware of how to assess risks and prepare your supply chains accordingly? With the supply chain management survey in times of COVID-19 you can easily and quickly discover your risk profile and get direction about which mitigations to launch. Moreover, we will set up an individual action plan with you to target and effective implement various risk mitigation measures.

You can only benefit

All participants will receive vital information to become more risk resilient including an exclusive benchmarking report comparing the company scores to the average industry values as well as best practices and suggestions for improving the own SCM strategy. Furthermore HEG, VNL and IPG will give advice on how to improve your resilience score. If desired, we also provide an on-site consultation with our experts to review your survey results and inform you regularly about innovations in supply chain management as part of our Innovative Leaders Network.

The study results as well as a broad exchange of experience on Supply Chain Management in times of COVID-19 will be presented on the VNL Logistics Forum in February 2021. Three tickets will be raffled among all participants!

The survey questionnaire takes approx. 30 minutes to complete and can already be accessed online.

About IPG: The Business Transformers
IPG is an internationally recognized thought leader, co-creator and implementer for innovation, performance and growth. IPG stands for value creation through exponential business transformation in accelerated business environments. It is a thought leader in supply chain performance excellence and accompanies many companies in the holistic transformation of their supply chains from the vision to the measurable implementation and realization of cost savings.
Taking a holistic approach, IPG synchronizes the creation of unique strategies and business models with innovative methods for performance maximization. IPG offers clients exclusive access to leading research facilities and recognized, handpicked experts through its global innovative leaders’ network. By means of open innovation, it significantly increases the quality and speed of clients’ value-adding potential.

About HEG Arc:
The Haute Ecole de Gestion Arc (HEG Arc) is one of the domains of the Haute Ecole Arc. Founded in 1982, the HEG Arc has been growing steadily since then. Today, it has more than 1800 students who follow Bachelor's, Master's or continuing education courses in several areas of expertise (economic law, management information technology, the fight against economic crime, marketing, finance, human resources, logistics).

About VNL: The Logistics Network Association
VNL Switzerland is committed to sustainable logistics. It builds a bridge between business and research and supports knowledge-based innovation projects in supply chain management, procurement, planning, production and distribution. It promotes the exchange of experience between managers, scientists and experts, helps to explore trends, think ahead with visions and find solutions. The VNL promotes the digital transformation in all segments of logistics and promotes Value Chain Excellence. It helps its members to apply technological developments. It has set itself the goal of making members more competent, efficient and economically successful.



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