On 2nd of July, SWISS IPG PARTNERS GROUP signed a memorandum on business cooperation with Singidunum University in Belgrade.

Singidunum University is a higher education institution which offers undergraduate, master and doctoral academics studies in three scientific fields – social sciences and humanities; technical sciences; and natural sciences and mathematics largest private university in the country with 7300 students enrolled in 2018/19 school year.

Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economy of Serbia organized a 12th public-private dialogue within the process of drafting the new Industrial Policy Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, initiated by the Government of Serbia.

Swiss IPG Partners Group proudly announces the opening of Co-HUB! IPG's new smart services division broadens the existing solution portfolio by providing globally distributed and virtual interacting teams and experts to our clients and helping them with Co-INNOVATION, Co-PERFORMANCE, and Co-GROWTH.

On 31st of May SWISS IPG PARTNERS GROUP signed a memorandum on business cooperation with the School of Computing (RAF) in Belgrade.
RAF is a member of Union University and it represents the leading education institution in Serbia in the domain of computer science, engineering and design.

Digitally Transformed Supply Chains - Impacts and Opportunities for Serbian Suppliers and IT Technology Providers - DIGIT 2019 cross-sectoral conference was held in Kragujevac on 09.05.2019. DIGIT 2019 represents a very important event bringing together representatives of the metal and IT sectors of Central Serbia. The conference is organized by the ICT cluster of Central Serbia together with the co-organizer and sponsor of the event to the German Agency for International Cooperation - GIZ, supported by a friend of the Conference of the Development Agency of Serbia - RAS and the European Entrepreneurship Network - EEN in Serbia

The kitchen is the center for real life connectivity. It’s a place where we all belong—where food, cooking and people interconnect. Of all the rooms in our homes, the kitchen is the center of energy, activity, comfort, and creativity—the beating heart of any dwelling. In the coming decade, as our environments and habits change, the kitchen as we know it will evolve drastically.

The cross-sectoral event under the name Digitally Transformed Supply Chains – Impacts and Opportunities for Serbian Suppliers and IT Technology Providers - DIGIT 2019 which brings metal sector companies and IT technology providers around the same table. The main topic is related to digitally transform supply chains and what are the possible models of cooperation that can be implemented towards potential future successful cross-industry collaboration with the goal of implementing digital transformation process in traditional sectors of Central Serbia.

The main objective of this conference will be to bring together leading world experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the new Industry 4.0 model of manufacturing for SMEs. Such an event will assist in the development and growth of the new and innovative manufacturing industries in Serbia, producing smart products with intelligent characteristics, while relying on modern, new manufacturing processes and systems.

The 6th Swiss Logistics Innovation Day will take place in Brugg on 28 May and will be under the theme "Big Data and Business Intelligence for improved planning and management of value-added networks (Predictive SCM)".

In order to successfully build up "Industry 4.0", various approaches are possible which must be geared to the individual starting position and goals of the respective companies.

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SWISS IPG PARTNERS GROUP, firma sa sedištem u Švajcarskoj, predstavlja međunarodnu fabriku misli i top menadžment konsalting firmu koju vode senior partneri sa dugogodišnjim iskustvom u oblasti POSLOVNE TRANSFORMACIJE.

IPG se zalaže za stvaranje vrednosti kroz INOVACIJU POSLOVNOG MODELA kombinovanu sa IZVRSNOŠĆU PERFORMANSI poštujući tri ose “INOVACIJA – PERFORMANSE – RAST”.

Mi spajamo najsavremenije mere za poboljšanje performansi sa inovacijom poslovnih modela kroz holistički pristup u cilju stvaranja vrednosti na višem nivou.



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