Vojin Vukadinović

  • Executive Director
  • IT & Marketing
  • Metalac Group

IPG’s deep experience motivated us to investigate our current business model. Carsten Vollrath’s and his team members full commitment moved us further in building new complement digital business model. Our company's holistic vision has changed, first milestone of the project is done. IPG moved us in the process of digital brewing of our new business model, like the process of making the beer. Thanks to IPG we did START. Now we follow-up.

Metalac a.d. is a share company seated in Serbia. It was founded in 1959 and it became a share company in 1998. Today Metalac a.d. holds 14 subsidiaries organized with them as a group of companies: five of them are productive, five trading companies in the local market and four companies abroad. Metalac Group employs about 2.000 people. Metalac exports its products to 25 countries of all continents.


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