The main objective of this conference will be to bring together leading world experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the new Industry 4.0 model of manufacturing for SMEs. Such an event will assist in the development and growth of the new and innovative manufacturing industries in Serbia, producing smart products with intelligent characteristics, while relying on modern, new manufacturing processes and systems.

The 6th Swiss Logistics Innovation Day will take place in Brugg on 28 May and will be under the theme "Big Data and Business Intelligence for improved planning and management of value-added networks (Predictive SCM)".

In order to successfully build up "Industry 4.0", various approaches are possible which must be geared to the individual starting position and goals of the respective companies.

Industry 4.0 brings with it a concentrated load of changes that of course also affect procurement. The six-day course provides hands-on knowledge and skills for a professional analysis and (further) development of the shopping direction 4.0.

"Keeping the course between agility and stability" is the topic of the International Bodensee Forum for Purchasing and Materials Management on April 9, 2019 in Dornbirn / Austria. The trade fair, which is already being held for the twelfth time, will once again be held in partnership by the BME region Bodensee-Oberschwaben, the Swiss Association for Purchasing and Supply Management - and the BMÖ - Federal Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics in Austria.

The fourth R&D Conference has been taken place at the University of applied Science in Rapperswil. 28 contributions were made by 12 universities showing their latest digital innovation to the audience of industrial innovators.

Serbia has already put strong public focus on Industry 4.0 but has to come up with a comprehensive initiative plan and activity list for its widespread implementation in the short term since the lag is significant. Although, as a late comer, Serbia can learn from success cases and best practice examples of other economies, that already implemented digitalization initiatives. But - Serbia should not copy these cases, but learn and seek for its own path.

Kopaonik Business Forum is committed to improving the performance of Serbian economy through analytical contributions and dialogue between major relevant stakeholders. It is a high profile event organized under the conceptual patronage of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia. It is no accident that the Forum has been receiving a growing number of requests for attendance from around the region. In the last couple of years, the Forum has gathered on average more than a thousand participants, including heads of state and government, ministers, high representatives of regulatory bodies, representatives of international financial institutions, respectable scholars, diplomats, business practitioners, and media.

Generate competitiveness and customer benefit with the help of digitization!

On Tuesday, November the 6. 2018. the second Logistics Forum Switzerland took place in the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. More than 120 participants gathered to discuss the current topic of "Digital Value Chains" - added value through digitalization in value chains.

Carsten Vollrath, CEO of Swiss IPG Partners Group, reveals which challenges does digital transformation bring, how close Serbia is and how to catch up with developed economies.

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