Our client is the largest airline in its country. Combined with its subsidiaries it is the largest airline in Europe. The portfolio of companies comprises network airlines, point-to-point airlines, and aviation service companies.



Procurement leadership initiative for significant cost savings and centralized strategic procurement across 16 group companies.

Our client presents the backbone of public transport and logistics. A railway company is driven by innovation and a reliable mobility service provider. The company transports people and freight for more than 100 years.



Improving end-to-end supply chain process across procurement, supply chain, maintenance and production.

Our client possesses rail infrastructure expertise. The company is a part of a leading European railway company. The company has more than 41.000 employees.



Cost-saving program with a focus on procurement-relevant costs

Our client is the biggest milk processor in its country. The most innovative dairy producer in Europe. The company offers a full range of dairy and fresh products.



Establishing an internationally operating and cross-functionally networked procurement organization.

Our client supports airlines and rail operators with a wide selection of catering and related services. The company offers complete train and airline catering programs and bespoke food solutions for every price category.



Industrialization and standardization of the entire value chain

Our client transports passengers and goods. It is one of the leading eco-friendly companies with 100% traction power from renewable sources. The company is among the most punctual railway operators in Europe.



Creating a networked purchasing organization
Establishing a purchasing academy


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