Our client is a global provider of security solutions specializing in cash management, safes and vaults, entrance security, electronic security services. The company protects banks, retail, mass transit, public & commercial buildings and industrial & high-risk sites.



Develop a unique Go-To-Market concept and related operating model for future growth in Europe.

Our client provides equipment and solutions for preventing explosions in hazardous areas. The company is present in several industries (oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical) around the world.



Exploit future growth and value creation potential by transforming into a sustainable, unique, coherent business model and a fully supporting operating model.

Leading global provider of high-quality solutions for the sheet metal processing business. The focus lies on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain. The client’s portfolio includes laser cutting systems, press brakes, and associated automation and software solutions. Comprehensive services round off the portfolio.



Develop a new business logic beside existing core business focused on technology-driven innovation.

Our client is a global leader in life sciences, with major facilities around the globe. The company established in the 19th century is pushing the boundaries in laboratory automation.



Development of unique business logic with a focus on pharmaceutical excipients and related solution portfolio.

Our client is a leading manufacturer, specialized in designing and manufacturing connectors and gyroscopes. The company strives to be the number one partner for global customers by staying innovative and creative.



Developing a segment-specific go-to-market concept and related solution portfolio for the European industrial business together with lead customers.

Our client offers extensive product portfolio (printing inks, digital printing presses, blankets, pressroom chemistry, flexographic plates and sleeves, consumables and colorants). The company operates 180 sites in 40 countries across the globe.



Developing innovative marketing, sales and service strategy and related operating model.

Our client produces packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal care. The company operates in more than 250 sites across 40 countries.



Develop and implement global growth & profitability program.

Our client is the leading national association of public and private hospitals, clinics and special-care institutions. Members: 263 hospitals, clinics and special-care institutions in 369 locations together with 170 unions, agencies, institutions, firms and individuals as partner members. The association has actively participated in the development of Swiss health care for more than 80 years.



Developing concepts for “Hospital of the future”.


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