Our client is a German medical technology manufacturer based in Rastatt. The company is a subsidiary of the Swedish group and is one of the world's leading suppliers of medical technology for emergency rooms, operating theatres and intensive care units. The Group has around 15,000 employees worldwide, including its subsidiaries. Production lines are located at over 30 locations.

Ambition: Design future global operational footprint for sustainable growth



  • Establish an integrated view on the global footprint for “consumables” AND “capital equipment”
  • Strengthen sustaining engineering function as a prerequisite to decouple core processes of R&D and manufacturing and establish a modularized site concept and build up lead sites (center concept) for the Americas, Europe and Asia
  • Develop a “dynamic” business case capturing all relevant key value drivers and cost drivers
  • Develop dynamic scenarios allowing sensitivity analysis based on adjusted key assumptions (e.g. future acquisitions)
  • Develop future scenarios and final recommendation

The Client is a worldwide leader in security products, services and software with an offering focusing on Safe Storage, Cash Management and Entrance Control. The Client has operations in 25 countries with approximately 4,400 employees.

Ambition: European operating model and shared service center concept for future growth



  • Establishing a networked European organization: connected & harmonized organizational structures and interfaces, common performance measurements as well as cross-regional shared functions to leverage our size and expertise
  • Functional focus: Finance & admin, procurement, logistics, service, business support, sales, marketing

Our client provides medical business solutions for the best possible outcomes for patients and society. The company successfully operates for 100 years. The company wants to improve the quality of patient care every day by developing and designing world-leading, clinically advanced precision technologies and services. Client's products enable medical professionals in a wide range of disciplines to “look into the body” using endoscopic procedures. This makes the insights more and more detailed.

Ambition: Design future global operational footprint for sustainable growth



Establishment of a networked, globalized organization consisting of purchasing and supply chain plus production, quality and R&D ("5-E organization")

Our Client's products and solutions prevent explosions wherever hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, gases and dust could occur and keep humans safe and protect the environment. Customers primarily include companies from the oil and gas industries as well as chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies from around the world.

Ambition: Develop and implement Future operations design



  • Define corresponding value chain logic for Client’s future business model
  • Develop Operations scenarios and implementation plan
  • Calculate the financial effects of each transfer and corresponding scenarios

Our Client is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. In Switzerland, the company focuses on the development, production, and marketing of a full range of dairy and fresh products as well as the production, aging, and trade of primarily Swiss cheeses. Outside Switzerland, the company concentrates on brand concepts and specialties in established European and North American markets, and increasingly in emerging markets outside of Europe. The primary focus of fresh products is on lifestyle, convenience and health products.

Ambition: Develop and implement global  supply chain and procurement strategy and corresponding organization



Establishment of an international and cross-functional networked supply chain and procurement organization, development of product group strategies, development of strategic purchasing skills (skill management), sustainable cost reductions and quality improvements, introduction of strategic supplier management and supply risk management.

Our client is the world leader in diagnostics devices. The company manufactures Imaging Systems, Patient Care & Clinical Informatics and Home Healthcare Solutions with 38.000 employees worldwide. The largest markets in the USA, followed by Japan and China, deliveries include nearly all countries of the world. Deliveries involve shipments from multiple factories, shipping points, stocking and merge locations for delivery to hospitals. High cost, lack of visibility and metrics, daily troubleshooting.

Ambition: Champion in Supply Chain



  • Single global control tower provider with equal service expectation on a global scale
  • Transfer of key personal to a service provider to retain know-how and customer-specific experience
  • Sequential implementation paired by value-adding projects for fast and frequent value generation

Our client makes equipment and software used to improve, prolong and save the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders.

Ambition: Supply chain excellence



  • In as-is there were symptoms of decentralized and low managed supply chain
  • Project targets for a global network
    1. Simplified, common global processes: all modes, all locations
    2. End-to-end control, visibility, event management, and cost transparency
    3. Single-instance, global, best of breed IT platform integrated with customer ERP
    4. Last-mile expertise in North America delivered via unified Control Tower platform
    5. Single point of contact - clear governance and full accountability
    6. Management and execution by a focussed team of logistics professionals
    7. Access to industry expertise, innovation, and scalable solutions

Our client is the leading technology, broad portfolio of compressor components and the full range of services. Founded in 1844, the firm was taken over by another big company from this segment in 1969 and became independent again in 2002 after a management buyout. Today, the company has 2300 employees, and 599 Mil. CHF revenue. Production sites, CH, IND, CHN, Assembly: CH, IND, USA, CHN, KOR. Sales in 80 countries worldwide.

Ambition: The full range of services and top-performing compressor components.



  • High-value chain integration but global spread
  • The intertwined business of new equipment and after-sales service
  • Managing complexity of the value-creating network, leverage synergies

Our Client is a manufacturer of integrated medical treatment systems. The company posses a rapidly growing network of treatment centers  that cover the US, Europe and Asia. 12,000+ shipments to 450+ locations. A desire for 24/7/365 service, e2e-tracking, inventory visibility, rapid depot flexibility, options for delivery service.

Ambition: Aftermarket supporting business growth while gaining efficiencies



  • Service excellence: parts storage, same-day delivery, international shipping/document processing/customs clearing, end-to-end track and trace, around-the-clock contact center
  • Integrated critical-service parts logistics, a global network of regional stocking locations and shipment management and customer service through Control Towers

Our client is an international, independent family business that has always identified market trends early ever. Founded in 1946, 2400 employees, 1bill. revenue. High proximity to customers and markets. 20 sales and service companies, 40 agencies. Production sites in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and China…



  • Printed media market transformation due to digitalization (ebook)
  • High competitive pressure on cost, quality, customer solutions and availability
  • A drop of market price by 20%
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