Scope: Value Chain & Supply Chain

Client: Leading innovator in radiotherapy

Our client makes equipment and software used to improve, prolong and save the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders.

Ambition: Supply chain excellence



  • In as-is there were symptoms of decentralized and low managed supply chain
  • Project targets for a global network
    1. Simplified, common global processes: all modes, all locations
    2. End-to-end control, visibility, event management, and cost transparency
    3. Single-instance, global, best of breed IT platform integrated with customer ERP
    4. Last-mile expertise in North America delivered via unified Control Tower platform
    5. Single point of contact - clear governance and full accountability
    6. Management and execution by a focussed team of logistics professionals
    7. Access to industry expertise, innovation, and scalable solutions


Key results:

  • A digitalized workflow organizes execution and became a key part of the operating systems
  • New capabilities: 1) Near-time shipment and order visibility is achieved, 2) Ability of to deliver at agreed date, 3) Suppliers’ order entry timeliness and completeness, 4) Pick up performance: Timeliness of carriers arriving at dock, 5) Carriers’ on Time Delivery Performance, 6) Quantity shipped in units of measurement, 7) Cost detailed per shipment, lane and mode, 8) Non-conformities with reason of deviation and causing party and 9) CO2 emission by mode and dependent on distance
  • The digitalized workflow and services achieved savings high and above plan

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