Scope: Value Chain & Supply Chain

Client: World leader in diagnostics devices

Our client is the world leader in diagnostics devices. The company manufactures Imaging Systems, Patient Care & Clinical Informatics and Home Healthcare Solutions with 38.000 employees worldwide. The largest markets in the USA, followed by Japan and China, deliveries include nearly all countries of the world. Deliveries involve shipments from multiple factories, shipping points, stocking and merge locations for delivery to hospitals. High cost, lack of visibility and metrics, daily troubleshooting.

Ambition: Champion in Supply Chain



  • Single global control tower provider with equal service expectation on a global scale
  • Transfer of key personal to a service provider to retain know-how and customer-specific experience
  • Sequential implementation paired by value-adding projects for fast and frequent value generation


Key results:

  • An optimized outbound supply chain network tailored to product categories and designed to meet customer needs.
  • New concepts: Direct deliveries, merge in transit or late, customization/configuration close to the customer.
  • Automated planning, optimization, and execution achieved customer-required service level at the lowest possible cost
  • Close collaboration of people in the business, markets, and transportation management partners.
  • Harmonization of processes have driven process efficiencies
  • Verifiable increases in delivery performance metrics
  • Year on years savings > 5 % in each year of engagement

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