Scope: Procurement Excellence

Client: Country-leading mobility services provider

Our client transports passengers and goods. It is one of the leading eco-friendly companies with 100% traction power from renewable sources. The company is among the most punctual railway operators in Europe.



Creating a networked purchasing organization
Establishing a purchasing academy


Key results:

  • Introduced a strategic product group management process, introduced cross-functional teams consisting of buyers and relevant users and experts from the specialist areas
  • Established a Corporate Sourcing Board ("procurement forum") with the aim of steering and strengthening cross-functional cooperation
  • Sustainable strengthening of competence – 150 buyers and network partners in a modular program were trained
    100 buyers were trained in modern strategic purchasing and the TCO philosophy
  • 20 buyers were able to build up their expertise in in-depth training courses on strategic optimization levers in commodity group management and the leadership of cross-functional teams
  • 50 consumers were sensitized to purchasing topics in seminars and internal networking was strengthened
  • The Purchasing Academy initiated the transformation to a networked ÖBB Purchasing and led to the sustainable anchoring of best practice knowledge

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