Scope: Digital Transformation

Client: Market leader in cookware manufacturing and retail

Our client offers a range of products including enameled, Teflon-coated and Inox cookware, as well as kitchen sinks, cardboard packing material and water heaters. The Company developed the wholesale and retail network, with shops located in numerous cities in CEE.



Develop a digitalization strategy (master plan) and a continuous and sustainable business model from smart cooking to smart kitchen and smart home which represents the base for future growth.


Key results:

  • The scope of digital transformation takes into account broad spectrum: products & services, internal value chain, external value chain and business models
  • Position the company to become “the leader” and “the benchmark” in digital transformation for the entire region (CEE)
  • Combine the ongoing activities and build further ideas under a holistic initiative umbrella of “digital transformation”
  • SWOT analysis - performed as an integral part of IPG outside-in approach
  • Stakeholder analysis – alignment meetings with all members of the supervisory and executive board have been organized in order to introduce the new concept
  • Cooking Journey & related examples – The new concept has been developed and formulated within an end-to-end value chain framework, implementation roadmap & business case (in order to envision the future potential of the new digital business model)

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