SWISS IPG PARTNERS GROUP, founded and headquartered in Switzerland, is an international management consultancy and thought factory for “Innovation - Performance and Growth”

IPG stands for value creation through exponential business transformation in a holistic approach

Our exclusive access to innovative smart management solutions via our international innovative leaders network represents a trademark of our work

Exponential learning curve and knowledge creation through diversity lead to Innovative Business Models, products and services

Maximized Performance through Business and Operating Model alignment

Accelerated Growth and Scale-up

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Launch & Operate


Activate & Create


Accelerate & Scale

Global network of smartest and most creative minds and the best researchers

Cutting-edge executive education and management trainings

from multiple disciplines in the world with specific domain expertise

tailored for executives, managers, practitioners and high potentials


What we observe

The future is not a replication of the past anymore but develops faster, more complex and more radical than ever. As a result, companies cannot count on what they know anymore

Accelerating acceleration of the world’s information and knowledge triggered by smart technologies is everywhere

We can know anything, anytime, anywhere...

It does not count anymore what a company knows, but what counts is…

  • …what competence it builds up to formulate the big questions that count for the companies’ future
  • …what ability is has to connect the smartest entities and creative minds to answer these big questions

How we create value


Exponential Thinking instead of Incremental/linear Thinking

Exploration (”curious actions”) instead of prediction (“confident guessing”)

We provide you exclusive access to the smartest and most creative minds and the world’s best researchers from multiple disciplines with specific domain expertise

Ideation (“create new”) instead of Conservation (“use existing”)

Experiential (“Launching prototypes”) instead of Theoretical (“discussing concepts”)

We develop unique co-creation processes and scenarios which foster diversity and drive disruption and moonshot thinking

System Thinking (“Holistic”) instead of Siloed Thinking (“Atomized”)

We guide you to transform your business simultaneously and consistently along business model innovation (“explore”) and operating model excellence (“exploit”)

Headquartered in Switzerland, the SWISS IPG PARTNERS GROUP is an international thought leader, co-creator and implementer for "INNOVATION, PERFORMANCE and GROWTH” (IPG).

IPG stands for value creation through EXPONENTIAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION.

In a HOLISTIC APPROACH, we synchronize the creation of unique strategies and business models with innovative methods for performance maximization, on request also with the agreement of performance-based fee models.

As a hallmark of our work, we offer our clients exclusive access to leading research facilities and recognized, handpicked experts through our global INNOVATIVE LEADERS network.

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